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FASTING FOR LONGEVITY: Ignite Autophagy & AMPK | Balancing AMPK & mTOR Pt. 2


Lance Hitchings
4,08 mil inscritosINSCRITO#fasting#autophagy#lancehitchings LONGEVITY, FASTING & AUTOPHAGY: What’s the connection? Does fasting really help with the fight to defeat aging? Will fasting ignite autophagy? You bet! It’s a great tool to use in the battle to reverse aging, because it acts in so many ways. Whether through fasting’s action to restrict calories, or to give a tremendous boost to the immune system, or through its powerful regenerative effects, or through its ability to cleanse the body of cellular waste and toxins. In this video, we go over the relationship between fasting and autophagy, how to actually do a fast with tips on preparation, the fast itself and how to end a fast, and finally, how to track your progress during the fast. Tune in next week for the second part in which we’ll cover the stage of a fast, hour-by-hour, and then I’ll share my own experience with fasting and try to relate reading I took during the fast to the stages of a fast.

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