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How to Reduce Stress Hormones | Reversing Autoimmune Disease | Dr Sonya Jensen & Andrea Siebert

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This interview covers all things stress and weight gain related. We also discuss the role of stress in autoimmune disease, and how to reverse it. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” | http://www.ketokickstartguide.com

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[07:45] About Andrea Siebert    “The brain doesn’t know the difference between fiction and reality.” -Andrea

[12:20] About Dr. Sonya Jensen “Women are the centers of their communities and families.” -Dr. Sonya

[15:50] How to Get Off the Hamster Wheel   The first step is awareness. What does success look like for us? Assess where you are and where you want to be.

[18:35] The Domino Effect of Autoimmune Disease   When your immune system is depressed, it will be like a domino effect. Other organs will start getting fatigued. People will treat the symptoms of autoimmune. However, the body is still working really hard to survive. Instead of going after the root cause, people will try and treat the symptoms.

[20:55] Treating Stress Showing someone how stress is affecting their health is the first step in treating stress. As soon as our cortisol spikes, our other hormone levels will lower. Many people thrive off of stress. We need to reduce the inflammation. Getting into ketosis is a tool of lowering cortisol and getting into a more relaxed state.

[24:00] Finding Community Statistics show that people you surround yourself with is what you become like. You need people to pick you up and support you. We, as humans, need each other. Without relationships, there is no growth.  

[26:20] Stress and Weight-Gain Insulin is associated with stress levels. Your physiology can’t tell the difference between you being upset with your partner and actual danger. Even if you eat the right things, your belly fat might not be disappearing. Sometimes, stress can affect your body more than food does. It is so impactful not just with weight, but also how your body will heal.

[29:45] About the Naturally Brave Retreat

[38:35] Having More Awareness in Your Life We do not breath well; most of us do not breath through the belly. If we are not breathing, then we won’t be able to focus, concentrate, or feel nourished. “Breath is our best friend.” Dr. Sonya Sonya loves to utilize the breath of fire. If you’ve been doing keto for a year and you do not see results – then change it up. If you have a morning routine, change it up! Constantly changing is forcing your body to adapt. The body has to rise up to the occasion and do what it needs to do.

[47:00] Practicing Gratitude Think about three things you grateful for that you did. Then, make sure to either say it out loud or write it down. There are a lot of people who struggle with thinking about gratitude. Ask someone in your circle what they are grateful for. 150,000 die each day. Just knowing that is enough to be grateful for.

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