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How to Use Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss, Muscle For Fat Burning, With Jay Campbell

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In this interview with world renowned fat loss expert, Jay Campbell, we discuss the best time for carbs, keto carb cycling, muscle for longevity, and so much more!

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🎓 [08:50] How Jay Got Involved in the Health Space

[14:00] About Consciousness – It’s an awareness that we are energetic beings. If you could pull back our meat suits and look into our souls – you would see plasmatic electric energy. This could be in the form of an orb. Consciousness is understanding how much more we are than our physical bodies.

[17:00] About Jay’s Trip to Peru [27:00] Ways to Eliminate Fear From Our Lives – The best way to eliminate fear is to understand quantum physics.

[32:30] The Correlation Between Muscle and Longevity – Muscle is the most significant deterrent against all the diseases in aging. – The more muscle you have in the body, the following things will happen: – Burning calories more efficiently – Less body fat – Greater bone mineral density – Makes you insulin sensitive – The better you can eat carbs and get away with it

[35:45] Women and Muscles – Women never eat enough protein. They end up having spine issues as they get older because they stop producing calcium. – A woman has to go to the gym and do resistant type training to strengthen the spine. – Don’t think that building muscle means you will look like a bodybuilder.

[39:15] How Sleep Affects our Muscles – Jay always tells people that sleep is the number one most disturbing biological function that people experience. – We are destroying our ability to sleep by having technology in our rooms. – If you aren’t sleeping, then you have no control over your energy. – Fat loss happens during sleep – it doesn’t happen at the gym. Sleep is more important than nutrition and exercise.

[44:30] Weight-Loss Tips From Jay – The average person who goes to an insurance-covered doctor in America, the likelihood you will be misdiagnosed is over 95%. – People are prescribed drugs that make it so much worse. Plus, medications will make our bodies worse and drain us of our money. – Metabolic flexibility is where it is at. You have to be able to choose macro and micro fuel sources based on your energetic demand. For instance, if you are a long-distance runner, you might want only ketones for fuel. – Fasting for women should be 16-18 hours. For men, it should be at least 20 hours.

[52:15] How to Utilize Fasting – If you want to be a person that loses massive amounts of fat mass in the fastest time possible, learn to fast four times a week and train the other three days. – Eat keto at night on your fasting days. On your training days, try and consume a low amount of carbs. If you do this for a month, you can lose 10% of pure body fat.

[57:20] Jay’s Definition of an Optimized Life – An optimized life is a person who has mastery over spiritual, mental, the heart, and physical aspects of the body. – What good is a physical meat suit that is shredded if there is no mindfulness training being completed?

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