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I Had Water Only For 5 Days | This Is What Happened

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Have you ever wondered what will happen with no eating for several days? In this video you what happened to me … | Get The Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet For Free: http://www.fastingcheatsheet.com I decided to complete a 5 day water fast. Previously my longest fast had been no food for 3 days.

I did this for the fasting health benefits which you will discover in this video. Weight loss does happen when you eat no food for almost a week; but the biggest benefit of a block fast is something called autophagy. Watch this video so you can learn fasting health benefits for yourself.

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// T I M E S T A M P S

00:29 The most important benefit of fasting (its not weight loss) 01:16 How block fasting helps to prevent disease (F Cancer) 02:02 This is what happens in the body when you are fasting 04:01 My day 1 and day 2 struggles (headaches, fatigue, weakness) 04:31 My energy increased on day 4 04:45 An interesting thing that happens when you practice block fasts (this might happen to you too) 05:39 Why you want to rest and relax during a block fast 06:09 How you break a block fast is just as important as the fast itself 07:00 Why you want to monitor your glucose/ketones during a fast, and the optimal range to be in for maximum therapeutic autophagy

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