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RESET YOUR AGE | Can You Reverse Aging with Fasting?

In this video I wanna show you the science behind why fasting slows the aging process down. —————————————-


01:54 Gluconeogenesis process 03:37 There are metabolites that are being up regulated during the process of Gluconeogenesis 04:07 When do you get those metabolites for energy 04:47 The Kreb’s Cycle 05:12 Kreb’s Cycle is the cycle inside your mitochondria that produce energy 06:10 Metabolites that improve antioxidant production 07:07 I want you to understand why fasting is working to slowdown the aging 07:54 How long do you need to fast to get to Gluconeogenesis 08:45 It’s important to extend some of your fast to reverse aging

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