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What is Autophagy and How Does it Work? | 21 Ways to Achieve Autophagy

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🎁 FREE GIFT: ►FREE FASTING EBOOK: http://www.fastingcheatsheet.com This video breaks down key foods to eat for autophagy, how fasting and autophagy can help with cancer, what exactly is autophagy, getting rid of loose skin, fasted exercise benefits, and so much more. Make sure you browse the timestamps and resources below.

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// T I M E S T A M P S

00:40 What is autophagy? 01:10 Epigenetics, how it works in the body 02:20 Powerful analogy on how autophagy works 03:29 The literal definition of autophagy 04:08 The body has an innate intelligence within it to heal itself 05:00 How the rebuilding process happens 05:23 How autophagy helps to prevent diseases like cancer 07:13 Senescent cells aka zombie cells 07:29 How autophagy and stem cells work together 08:05 mTor vs autophagy 09:30 Is too much autophagy bad? 10:17 21 ways to achieve autophagy: 10:25 Coffee (http://www.ketokampcoffee.com use ketokamp at checkout for 10% off 12:18 Green Tea, and how the ECGC stimulates autophagy within the liver cells 12:58 Ginger 13:20 Turmeric 13:31 Kale 13:45 Broccoli 13: 45 Broccoli sprouts 14:09 Berberine (great for managing blood sugar too) 14:23 Olive Oil (http://www.ketokampoliveoil.com) 15:16 Coconuts 15:22 Reishi Mushrooms 15:30 Resveratrol 15:35 Fisetin 15:37 Naringin 15:44 Schisandrin 15:45 Elderberries 15:47 Onions 15:48 Cranberries 15:51 Blueberries 16:24 Fasting (bonus if block fasting) 18:00 Exercise 18:12 Fasted exercise 18:45 Maximum autophagy; what is this, how do you measure this, and how do you achieve it? 20:21 How autophagy can help get rid of loose, flabby skin after weight loss

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