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dieta cetogênica

What is the keto diet and how to do it for weight loss

Keto Kamp

Discover what is the keto diet, and how to do it for rapid fat loss. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” | http://www.ketokickstartguide.com

🎁FREE FASTING EBOOK: http://www.fastingcheatsheet.com 🔔 SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2QE7z1B // O V E R V I E W 📌 Keto is not a diet 📌 History of ketones with seizures, pythagorus, 1920’s kid studies 📌 Keto acidosis is not the same 📌 Burn fat vs burning sugar 📌 The cell membrane & ketosis 📌 Ketones and the brain //


00:30 Surprising facts about the history of the ketogenic diet 01:30 How the romans in the 1800’s discovered ketosis to cure seizures 02:10 How the famous greek mathematician Pythagarus required ketosis before entering his class 02:35 Research was done in the 1920’s on ketosis for epileptic children 03:10 What is the difference between ketoacidosis and ketosis? 03:50 The world’s greatest healer sits within our bodies. 04:20 How ketones work at the cellular level 04:45 Ketosis and the mitochondria 06:00 How keto can help with fat loss 07:15 What is the difference between burning sugar (glucose) and burning fat (ketones)? 09:30 Why burning fat is our primal birthright. It fuels the cells and the brain. The brain loves fat!

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