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Dr. Sandra Kaufmann, author of The Kaufmann Protocol – Why we age and how to stop it – was a presenter at People Unlimited on November 30th, 2018. A physician, scientist and cell biologist with a passionate interest in age reversal, Dr. Kaufmann presented some of her findings to People Unlimited members for Ageless Education.

People Unlimited and The Kaufmann Protocol

Dr. Kaufmann spent many years delving into scientific research to come up with a comprehensive interpretation of cellular aging, which she outlines in her book. She gave People Unlimited a brief overview of the causes of aging, along with some of the anti-aging strategies that she has identified.

Dr. Kaufman used a simple model to explain the very complicated workings of the human body in aging.

Using the image of the body as a factory, she highlighted seven main areas of aging breakdown:

1) the blueprints and instructions (DNA),

2) energy (mitochondria),

3) work flow pathways (countless control systems and energy pathways),

4) quality control (DNA repair),

5) security (the immune system),

6) work force (individual cell function) and

7) waste management (cellular by-products).

Since aging can occur as a result of breakdown in any area of function, Dr. Kaufman devised a rating system for each anti-aging treatment she discusses. Her approach to dealing with aging is using several agents to cover all the seven areas of aging challenges identified above.

By checking the Kaufmann rating for each substance, a targeted balance can be achieved. Dr. Kaufmann reviews 15 substances in her book, that she believes are powerful allies to stave off aging, some of which she discussed during her talk at People Unlimited.

People Unlimited and The Kaufmann Protocol

Dr. Kaufman is convinced that aging can be stopped with understanding and strategy. Her work to synthesize an enormous amount of information into a clear, concise and applicable system which can be used by anyone interested in protecting themselves from aging, was much appreciated by her audience at People Unlimited. You can access her application, “My Protocol” through app stores on IOS and Android devices.

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